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Turning a House into a Home

Here I am beginning with this stereotypical quote; just hang it there. A house is a house until someone makes it a home. Typically it refers to a literal house and how a house does not become somewhere to live until someone makes it that. I find that the same applies to your body. And again with the stereotypical quotes, your body is a temple as many say. But I even believe in extending it to say that your body is whatever the hell you  make of it- coming back to the house and home quote.  Continue reading “Turning a House into a Home”

Living for Jesus

Fear is a Liar!!!

Fear is a Liar- Zach Williams

This song ^^ by Zach Williams has honestly changed my life because FEAR LIES!!!!! Do not believe what fear says! You are enough. You are worthy. You are a child of God. These are my thoughts on how fear is a liar:

Stay True to who you are- Do not be afraid

Love everybody- Do not be afraid Continue reading “Fear is a Liar!!!”

Living for Jesus

Why I gave up toxic people for Lent

We all know how hard and petty social life in high school can be. People haven’t figured themselves out yet-much less their relationships with other people/God. If you don’t know how to treat yourself, you probably don’t know how to treat others. By saying toxic people, I mean people who are toxic to me and my wellbeing. The Lord puts everyone into your life for a reason- weather it be a lesson or a blessing, but sometimes God puts people in our lives to teach us how to remove people from our lives. Yeah that’s heavy. God puts people in our lives just to show us that they shouldn’t be there? Yes. Sometimes, we just need to be taught a lesson so badly that God has to hurt us to steer us in the right direction. It is like a horse and its reigns. The reigns may hurt the horse a little bit, but the horse will redirect its path towards the right path once pulled that direction. Continue reading “Why I gave up toxic people for Lent”