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What it’s like to give it all up

Air allows breath which allows the lungs to inflate, thus allowing the sensations of breathing and thus forth life. Give up air. Imagine suffocating and gasping for air. Imagine knowing air is the only thing that can save you, but not being able to breathe. Now, imagine someone told you that you could breathe. Even after being told you could breathe, physically you can not breathe. Still you stand there struggling to gasp for air– still suffocating.

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My battle with POTS and other Chronic Illnesses

Currently 17, I have been battling chronic illnesses for 5 years- since I was 12. This is my story:

In my 7th grade year, I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease. Middle school is already a  rough time, but this was extremely difficult. Not only was I figuring out who I am as a person, how to study, puberty, and being less of a kid, I was also being attacked by my own body. In chronic Lyme Disease, your body has been fighting Lyme Disease so hard that it starts mistaking your own body as the disease. Chronic Lyme Disease is an autoimmune disorder that many doctors dismiss due to how undiagnosable it is.  Continue reading “My battle with POTS and other Chronic Illnesses”


The Anxiety Express

Imagine sitting on a train and you feel the train crashing. You feel the shrapnel piercing your sternum. You feel the blood coming out of you. This is real. This is happening. But- only it is not. It is happening to you, thus it is your reality. In no way, shape, or form is it unreal, fake, or made up. You look next to you in your pain. You see that for the person next to you, her train has not crashed. Her train is riding smoothly along the tracks. You grab her arm and ask her for help. She sees you bleeding, but does not see the wound. She tries to help, but her help comes in the form of useless gestures. She only made matters worse by drawing attention to the wound. Continue reading “The Anxiety Express”


Things to Understand When Coping With Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease is a fairly common, especially in the northeastern US, tick borne illness that usually is treated with a 2 week round of Doxycycline. Usually when diagnosed, confections are not tested for, this can be fatal. Lyme Disease usually can be eradicated by the routine 2 week medication, but for many it does not do the trick. You may still test positive, have symptoms, or even just keep getting sick. This is called Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS) or Chronic Lyme Disease.  Continue reading “Things to Understand When Coping With Lyme Disease”